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my bathtub…

I recently got a bathtub. Don't get me wrong. I live in a very nice home with a very nice bathroom, just it only came with a shower. I don't consider myself to be a spoiled person and I am very accustomed to living with hardship, so given that the house was perfect in every … Continue reading my bathtub…



this morning

This is a morning where I can't even partake in social media. I literally can barely watch a movie. I got a contraption that holds my phone too which really spoils me! It loops around my neck and frees my hands. I feel like a tech-bot. I've been playing with the Instagram face additions in … Continue reading this morning

what goes up…

must come down. But not everthing that goes in must come out, as I have dreadfully discovered. When the food that went in a week ago still hasn't made its way out, there's a BIG problem My big problem is my BIG belly. It's hard to breathe and it can be painful. As it gets … Continue reading what goes up…

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avoidance behavior?

Before I get into rambling...I really wanted to thank all my new followers and old friends for commenting recently on my posts and for following my blog. I felt so warmly welcomed into the writer's community on WordPress! I've so enjoyed discovering posts by others that describe what I am going through with the disease … Continue reading avoidance behavior?

trouble expressing yourself?

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A Touchy Subject…

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my OTHER life

why my new "other" life is different from the old one and what I've learned

tofu bowl with runny egg and sweet chili sauce

A really good healthy easy to make recipe for those chronically ill folks like me:)



Here’s a recipe that just came to me as I was cooking the different parts of it. It was one of those meals that I kind of knew what I was going to make ahead of time, but wasn’t quite clear on the process. I knew that I needed to put a sunny side up egg on top because my son had seen a picture of such a recipe with beef and pointed out how yummy that looked. Coincidentally, he happened to be very hungry at that moment. I knew that I wasn’t going to cook meat and so the only option left was tofu.

Because I’m not functional until close to the time that I pick up my children every day, I’ve learned that it’s important to plan my meals ahead. If tofu is on the menu, I need to allow an extra hour for drying time. So I…

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